Bunkhouse for Farm Staff

Eben-Ezer Farm

Goal Amount: $8,000
$2,735 Until Funded

Have you seen the Eben Ezer Farm lately? Amazing things are happening there!

Our longtime dream of building a kitchen and another dwelling on the farm have been combined in to building a bunkhouse. The bunkhouse construction began on February 24th. The exterior construction has largely been completed, and we are now in need of furnishings for the inside of the house. 

The bunkhouse will provide housing for the young, single men that work on the farm and provide security for the back portion of the farm. The bunkhouse is located near our newest well so there will be access to plenty of clean, safe water to supply the kitchen and both bathrooms. 

The house will also provide a kitchen space, so that meals can be cooked for the workers. There is a Haitian proverb that says, “An empty bag cannot stand.” That is exactly what we are asking these skilled young men to do….give a day of labor on an empty stomach! It is a common practice in Haiti for a farm, such as ours, to provide a meal during the day for their workers. By contributing to the list below, we will be able to provide much needed nourishment to our workers.

Do you want to be a part of this dream? We want and need you to jump on board! Please prayerfully consider joining us in supplying and stocking the bunkhouse and kitchen. The construction cost has depleted our reserve funds. We have hopes and dreams of other expansions on the farm (another poultry barn, tilapia ponds, and much more) but finishing the bunkhouse is our most pressing goal. 


Solar panels ($1,200)
Charge Controller ($500)
Inverter ($500)
Batteries ($1,900)
3 more sets of bunk beds ($400.00 per set)
8 twin mattresses ($100 each)
8 pillows ($100.00)
8 sets of twin sheets ($200)
Bath towels ($100)
Propane Cook Stove ($600)
Electric Refrigerator ($800)
Pots and Pans ($200)
Dishes and silverware ($100)
Pantry supplies ($200)
Lighting and fans ($300)


Most are costs listed here are estimations. We have an overall fundraising goal of $8000, which will cover all of the furnishings for the house and stock the kitchen.

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A long time dream is being realized with the development of a farm on land donated to the church many years ago. First came the education of a farmer, Celius St. Fleur, who graduated from Limbe in 2007 with a degree in Agronomy. In 2009, a farmhouse was completed by visiting work teams, and the land began  producing a little food. Then came a Farm Committee, headed up by the determined Suzie Legg. What has followed seems almost a miracle- wells drilled, abundant water found underneath the dry ground, drip irrigation kits donated one at a time, solar panels, pumps, a successful chicken project, livestock, expansion- and now a bunkhouse for the farmhands. Every dime donated to the Farm Project is put to amazing use, providing what is needed most in Haiti- jobs and food.

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