Text Books for Eben Ezer School

Goal Amount: $5,000

“Education is the key to helping a child rise out of extreme poverty.”

That truth has been at the heart of many years of effort by the Friends of Fort Liberte and all of our donors, as well as the leaders of the Jerusalem Baptist Church. Through many challenges, the church has persisted since 1969 in the development of the Eben-Ezer School, and generations of children have benefitted, greatly helped by the FFL Child Sponsorship program, begun in 1988.

Imagine teaching in a school with no textbooks.

The Haitian education system has long relied on writing on the board and recitation and memorization as a means to teach, with almost no resources available. While everyone recognizes the limitations of that method, little change has been made over the years in the face of so much poverty. This summer, the Haitian government made a decision that may greatly impact the quality of education for secondary students in the country. They announced the development of textbooks for secondary students that would be required for all subjects!

The requirement of books is an exciting advance, but the announcement came without adequate time to raise tuition and prepare.

Faced with the dilemma, Pastor Dasnis and the administrators at the school committed to order the books and provide them for the students. (The books will be returned at the end of the year, so they can be used again next year). The books cost the school $5000, which they did not have in their budget. The Board of the Friends of Fort Liberte decided to go ahead and forward the money so the secondary students at Eben Ezer School won’t fall behind and do poorly on the national tests.  Our problem: we also didn’t have that amount budgeted in pledges for support of the school this year.

So, Friends, we are coming to you- can you help out?

Each book costs around $5, and it takes about $40 to provide the books required for each secondary student.  Would you consider donating either a book, or enough to provide all the books for one student? That would be such a big help, and then we won’t run short on funds to feed the kids lunch or support for the teachers by the time the school year ends.

The child sponsorship program is such a boost to kids in Fort Liberte, as is the Feed My Lambs school lunch program, and we are so appreciative of your constant support. Could you also consider a little extra this month, and provide either a book or all the books for one student?

Eben-Ezer School 

We believe that the best hope for change in Haiti is in education for children. The Jerusalem Baptist Church demonstrated a commitment to educaion back in the 1960’s when it founded the Eben-Ezer School. Starting with first grade and adding one class per year, the school began with 60 students. Now, hundreds of students from pre-school through secondary attend school at Eben-Ezer. The Friends of Fort Liberte supports the school in many ways.

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