Nutrition for Babies


For more than 20 years, Friends of Fort Liberté teams and supporters have worked to provide  medical care for people with none.  In many ways, the clinic is a great success.  Long time visitors note an improvement in the general health of the whole Fort Liberté area and the clinic has been recognized by the Haitian Government for providing the most consistent care in the northern region for chronic disease patients.

Every weekday morning since its opening in 2004, patients have lined up on the clinic porch for songs and prayers, then for care.  This is such blessing when compared to our starting place, but more is needed.  Meds and supplies are usually just a few weeks or even days from depletion.

Many babies brought into the Eben-Ezer Clinic need nutritional support. For $50, you can provide a month’s supply of infant vitamins for 10 babies.

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This catalog represents a few of the ways you can make a difference in the lives of our friends in Fort Liberte, Haiti. It's more than just a collection of donation items - it's a picture of hope for the future of Haiti. When you donate towards the items in this catalog you are showing your love for the people of Fort Liberte.

If your donation is a gift you can download a Christmas card here

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