THANK YOU for donating to our Emergency Food Fund!

Goal Amount: $20,000

We have just become aware that our friends and loved ones in and around Fort Liberte' are in dire need of our help. Due to the current unrest in Haiti, in many areas the cost of food has doubled or even tripled. This makes the daily struggle for existence even greater.  One university student stated that things have gone from bad to worse. At the current price of food, your donation of $30 could feed a family of four for one week. 

Pastor Dasnis has told us "Because of the current political and economic crisis, things are getting worse for the Haitian people.  There is food available at the store, but people do not have the money to buy. Like it has been said, you will know a true friend in time of crisis.  That is why we count on friends like you to help us feed our Haitian brothers."

Let's come together and donate what we have so that Pastor Dasnis and the Jerusalem Baptist Church can distribute food to the poorest of the poor.

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ Matthew 25:40


UPDATE July 5th 2019 we received word from Pastor Dasnis Pierre:

"We are feeding people. We fed people at Dumas, Jericho, and Piedor (outposts). We fed board members, captains, musicians, deacons, and the poor of the church; the clinic and farm staff, and we will feed the translators, too."

That was done with the first $10,000.00 we received almost immediately after we made the dire food price situation known. Since then, over $12,000.00 more has been received, and that will be sent this week for a second distribution. Pastor Dasnis said, "That will be perfect. People are desperate. The people say thank you!" 

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