Laying Chickens for the Farm

Goal Amount: $5,000
$5,000 Until Funded
Construction was recently completed on the laying house at Eben-Ezer Farm, and now new laying hens need to be purchased. Eggs are a wonderful source of nutrition and protein. They are easily transported and can be stored without refrigeration. And the project is very sustainable - the chickens will pay for themselves when 100 of their eggs have been sold. 
We have $1500 in hand, and need to raise $5000 more to fully fund the project. 
The cost of the chickens breaks down to about $10 each - how many chickens can you provide? 
Thanks so much for your support! 
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A long time dream is being realized with the development of a farm on land donated to the church many years ago. First came the education of a farmer, Celius St. Fleur, who graduated from Limbe in 2007 with a degree in Agronomy. In 2009, a farmhouse was completed by visiting work teams, and the land began  producing a little food. Then came a Farm Committee, headed up by the determined Suzie Legg. What has followed seems almost a miracle- wells drilled, abundant water found underneath the dry ground, drip irrigation kits donated one at a time, solar panels, pumps, a successful chicken project, livestock, expansion- and now a bunkhouse for the farmhands. Every dime donated to the Farm Project is put to amazing use, providing what is needed most in Haiti- jobs and food.

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