Jericho Village

Many elderly Haitians live in makeshift huts of sticks and mud. They are small with
dirt floors, leaky roofs, and some ready to of collapse. We are building 10 duplexes at the Jericho
outpost church to provide better housing for elderly villagers.

The Jericho Village will serve the rural community of Bayaha where the Jericho outpost church is located. There are numerous elderly Haitians without families and no means to support themselves. They live in “houses” that are hardly the size of a small bedroom and have no other options.

We are financing the development of this village which will hold 10 duplexes, a community kitchen, and latrines. We also plan to have fruit trees and container gardens. The cool thing about this project is that 100% of the money donated will go directly into the Haitian economy, buying building products, and employing laborers, masons, and carpenters. This project will put Haitians to work and result in housing for elderly Haitians. A Haitian proverb, “Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li” translates to “Little by little, the bird builds its’ nest”. Every little bit helps. Will you help us build nests for these elderly Haitian villagers?

$30 will pay for one square foot. How many square feet will you help us build?

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