King Orphanage / Kinship Care

After twenty plus years of providing care for children in an orphanage setting, God has given us the wonderful opportunity to shift our care for the orphans from the orphanage building into family home settings. The Jerusalem Baptist Church (JBC) Board, together with the Friends of Fort Liberté (FFL) Board, has developed a vision of kinship care and community-based family care in which the children and young adults at The King Orphanage will transition into care with relatives or others in the community.  Our heart’s desire has always been to offer the best environment possible for our children.

So do we need sponsors?

Yes! The orphanage will remain open for the coming year, and as children transition, sponsorship will continue to help the families keep all the children cared for and in school. The older children will have the opportunity, with sponsor help, to continue in a trade school, or, for some, university.  We are committed to supporting our children while they are in school, until the age of 25.  We can only do so with continued sponsorship help from American friends here.

Why would you want to be a sponsor?

It has long been a dream to have these precious children raised in a loving Christian home. This decision was inspired by research that bears out what all of us intuitively know—that children thrive best within a family, not in an institution. We will join the global movement to eliminate orphanages by 2050, and work together to enable the people of Fort Liberté to raise all children in family settings.

We welcome you to join us, too! Financially support a former orphan as she returns to a Haitian family setting. Mesi anpil!


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